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New Podcast: Filling Your Soul - Living wiht Meaning and Purpose Through the Wisdom of the Kabbal

What do you love to do? How can you clarify what is most meaningful for you to work toward in your life? Are there obstacles blocking and depleting your energy, that may discourage you from moving forward? This month my podcast was published on ITunes. I address issues that can help people searching for meaning and purpose in their life. If you would like to check out the podcast, here is the link: Having this experience brought me back in time to high school, when I took a class in radio announcing. It was so much fun. I felt so connected and in my element. Putting the podcast together, along with my passion about the topic of meaning and purpose, hopefully will help others gain more insight to fulfill their potential and make a difference. First and foremost I thank G-d, as there is nothing I can do without Him willing it and blessing my efforts. I am forever grateful to my husband for all his guidance and support. Finally, I thank Doug Foresta, a great guy, committed to assisting others to get their gifts out to the world. Here is to you finding what you are looking for and having all the support you require. All the very best!

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