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Take time upfront and seek the right kind of freedom.

How many of us take little thought, time and care to keep up all the various "stuff" that needs maintenance, in order to prevent damage to our physical body, relationships, spiritual connections, and so on...

Coming from a tradition in which Divine Providence is a core belief, I take my cues from what I experience in my life. The other day, a service man payed a call to change filters on my reverse osmosis water purifier. Concerned that I may have waited too long, he assured me that my water was still very good. Then he went on to let me know that one should never wait until the water becomes poor in quality, because if that were to happen it would be damaging to the module. It was good to know and I filed the information away in my memory bank – only to have it pop up later with a message to remember and live by each day.

How often do we get into a take it easy streak and stop exercising, eating healthy, taking supplements, spending time with a loved ones ,etc., because it takes too much effort, and we want to be fre-e-e-e......

All of sudden, we may begin to feel or perceive the damage - maybe pain in the lower back, lack of energy, some estrangement issues, confusion, fear, or lack of faith. It all adds up and preventative maintenance is the best way to preserve our precious gifts, which we are so blessed to have received.

Have a meaningful day,


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