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Kabbalistic Psychology


Seeds Of Potential

​The great Patriarch Abraham was a forerunner of Kabbalah* and Astrology. Tradition has it that he authored Sefer Yetzira, The Book of Formation. The purpose of using Kabbalistic Psychology and Psychological Astrology (not predictive depth psychology) methods is to gain a greater awareness and understanding of our potential, our place in the world, and how to be in tune with the kinds of energies that are an integral part of the universe. When we become more informed about these energies and cycles, we can perceive a more balanced and deeper meaning in our lives. In this way, we can utilize internal and external changes productively, with oneness and love for our existence.

*The Kabbalah is defined as the mystical, esoteric, inner teachings from the

Bible (Old Testament) . These received teachings are universal and are meant for all of mankind, as they transcend cultural and religious principles and can bring us into a partnership with our Creator.

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