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Expanding Possibilities

Exploring possibilities and having an open mindset can make a difference in how we respond to life emotionally, and can affect the larger percentage of our mind that is in the realm of the unconscious. What our unconscious holds to be true, doesn’t have to be based on reality. Rather, it can be effected by our beliefs, mindset, thoughts, vision. etc.

Growing up, many of us, like me, may have been unaware of this concept. However, my mother, of blessed memory, was ahead of her time. Having experienced tragic life experiences in her youth, despite the challenges and losses, her drive and willingness to be proactive and do whatever possible— made her even stronger and courageous. So, when any of my siblings and I complained about something that was hard to do— she would say, “Hard? Do you know what’s hard?!?!? If you swallow an umbrella and it opens in your stomach. That’s what’s hard.” Even having the blessing of such a special person as my mother, I found that parts of me found it challenging to take on and press through projects. It seems there is a part of us that can be our worst enemy.

However, we can be vigilant, change our beliefs, and rewire our brain. We can honor our emotions and let then go, as we visualize a better tomorrow and a way to live with meaning and purpose, as best we can with the circumstances we are given.

I would love to hear from you if you want to share your thoughts about this with me or others, on this, or any other topic. Feel free to comment on this blog post, or on my Facebook page.

In the meanwhile, enjoy some of my thoughts on my latest podcast, “Expanding Possibilities”.

I hope you find it meaningful.

Best wishes,


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