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Coaching from Leah Ruby

Can you set aside some time to journey inward and find a friend and helper within?  Can you step off the treadmill of sometimes robotic activity, and make note if the ladder you are climbing is headed toward where you really want to be?  At the end of the day, are you in tune with what you really value, or what "you think" others are more equipped to know about your needs and what makes you happy.  As I learned from a friend - opinions are swell, but the last word is what you distill from the knowledge obtained by others.  What is your bottom line?  How can you find yourself and truly enjoy the ride?  

My first coaching experience, was with a wonderful man, Lou Tice.  I was in this seminar to grow and learn ways to be effective in a business endeavor.  I learned that using a "wellness model" to develop insight, build skills and achieve goals, focuses on uncovering our inner strengths. Motivation and self worth thrive through mindfulness and action. 

Self knowledge and use of our vast potential is a huge step on a path to fulfill our needs, achieve our goals and attain a life with purpose and joy. This also includes relationship issues.  In our daily interactions, we strive for good communication and the "giving and taking" interchange of kindness.  How can we enhance our personal and business relationships and find harmony, respect, gratefulness, and love.

Our bodies and minds are treasures beyond any material possession.  In the same vein, it follows that our desire to enhance and maintain our health and wellness is the basis for living a conscious life, with peace of mind; amidst life's "stepping stones" to growth.

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