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Understanding Your Past to Navigate Living with Meaning and Purpose

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Living with meaning and purpose goes hand and hand with recognizing what we value and what resonates with us from deep within. Sometimes we get sidetracked and spend our life conforming to societal expectations. We can miss out on taking a good look at what truly has meaning for us, that we can call our own. Being open to daily experiences and willing to enrich our lives to become fulfilled can give us hope and purpose to move forward with faith that our humanness is an asset for us. Letting go of old ways of being that are unauthentic (and a disservice to us) can make us feel worthy and remove the shame we may have felt when we may have “perceived” what we "thought" others expected of us.

This is where ridding— even purging ourselves of unhealthy beliefs and changing our old story to a useful one, can free us up to progress. We then can rise far above our ego, that may put unfair and unhealthy demands on us. This can impact our emotional and physical health. In addition, being present in our mind to allow our emotions to air and honoring them with respect and grace, can heal us and make us feel more whole and unified with ourself, others, and our Creator.

I welcome you to listen in to the insightful words of Rachel S. Heslin in Episode 63 of my podcast FILLING YOUR SOUL, to understand the importance of letting go of what’s not useful, to connect with with our gifts, and understand how we can proceed, as we continue to process ongoing experiences and information each day, to live with meaning and purpose.

Here’s to living life mindfully with optimism, courage, faith, and meaning.

If you would like to share your thoughts about any of this, feel free to reply to this email or make a post on my Facebook page.


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