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Mindfulness, Intention, and Acceptance of What Is

Each of us has our own path to follow to find meaning and purpose in our life. This includes when we experience circumstances we least expect to occur, searching for the meaning we can, or the acceptance, after we have done everything possible to rectify the situation, if needed.

Exploring the process of finding meaning takes time, patience, and dedication; as well as respect, compassion, and true conviction in our abilities and potential. Staying on track can allow us to discover and utilize our resources. Time and energy are a gift we are given each day to utilize, by taking action toward living with meaning and purpose.

When we are mindful and appreciate our gifts, as well as all we have to offer others, we can bring joy to our daily actions and find the path to be a delight to travel, despite the growing pains and challenges.

Being mindful of every thing we receive and do, great or small, can fill us with gratitude. Even taking delight in a piece of fruit In the morning by being aware of the unique flavor, it’s unique composition of nutrients and fiber, the way we may feel during and after we have ingested it, thankfulness to our Creator for providing us the money to purchase it by blessing our efforts, and our ability to see, smell, taste, chew, swallow and digest it. We have the choice to be mindful and grateful for everything and for each moment.

These little things in life cannot be measured. Being mindful and grateful for what we have, goes hand in hand with living with meaning. You see to me, life can be seen as an adventure. We are given free choice of what we do each day, and also the chance to receive experiences, with the ability to extract the beauty and essence as we gather messages along the way. We can be kind within appropriate limits and assist others, by being a source of strength, faith, and courage for those who are going through challenging times. Also, we can give others the benefit of the doubt and see people in a favorable light, while staying clear from ones who may be a source of distress, by provide the appropriate boundaries.

Enjoy the wise words of Dr.Tracy Ochester regarding her perspective of mindfulness and living with meaning and purpose.

Please feel free to share your thoughts here, or by commenting on this blog post.

Here’s to your unfolding of your inner treasures, as you become all you can be,


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