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Loving What We Do

Finding true happiness in our life can be meaningful when that meaning aligns with our values and is a benefit to ourself and others, directly or indirectly, in the long run. Is there something missing in your life that keeps happiness away? Are you finding what you love to do that allows for self expression, creativity, purpose, and makes a difference to yourself and others? Are you choosing what you really love to do, that may allow you to use your talents and inner resources, waiting to be revealed, or have you chosen to follow what others may think is good for you, or perhaps what they like to do?

Although It’s great to have role models and mentors that can provide us with inspiration, it’s essential to discover and travel on our own unique path. The first step is to acknowledge where we are at and take the time and effort to look inward to connect with ourselves. When we come to realize what we love to do and what we feel passionate about, we can work on our vision and design our mission and future.

While some of us financially support loved ones, a truly noble and responsible undertaking, we all can can tweak or change our work, or find a vocation or hobby that can fulfill us with meaning and purpose, as we build up loved ones so that they can flourish and become independent. Some of us find meaning in developing our spiritual side and doing acts of kindness and this can carry over to our occupation or avocation.

Let us all break free from self imposed restrictions that limit us from allowing possibilities. The sky is the limit. We are an expression of our beliefs. If we believe we can do something even though we don’t have the know how, all we need is the belief that we can acquire the knowledge and skills to move forward and go for it.

Enjoy podcast, Episode 58, where I speak about the importance of loving what we love to do in order to find meaning and purpose.

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