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Introspection and Rectification

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Do you ever hang on to feelings of hurt and resentment from certain life experiences and toward others who have mistreated you? Even though we cannot always receive forgiveness from others, we can seek forgiveness from our Creator and those whom we may have slighted or offended unintentionally or even intentionally. We have the ability to become accountable and make it right, which can improve our connection with our Creator, ourselves, and others. As we seek to refine our character and improve ourselves, we can practice and acquire more self-mastery over our emotions and actions in the future. This can be an essential part of living with meaning and purpose.

Then we can move forward, as we can have the energy and divine assistance (through prayer) available to discover what steps to take in order to find what is meaningful to us. We can create a vision and set a plan with set goals to take inspired action. This can fulfill our potential, our life, and allow us to be of service in some way that can fill us with love and joy. By checking inward and taking account of how we may have emotionally reacted in a manner that needs correction, we can change our character and open ourselves up to become renewed and fully connected to our Creator, ourselves, and humanity.

In Episode 60 of my podcast, FILLING YOUR SOUL, I discuss these concepts. I hope you find this useful, so you can live your life with greater meaning and purpose to free yourself up to love and be grateful for your existence.

Here’s to true connection,


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