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How Love Brings Meaning and Purpose to Our Lives

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Do you ever harbor anger toward others you believe have mistreated you? For many of us, letting go of this energy can allow us to utilize our energy in wise and constructive ways. We can then focus on and become more open to additional possibilities. We can develop a vision and story of ourselves and hit the ball we have been slowly rolling back and forth, straight out of the park— making a home run to live our dreams.

In his book, LIGHTS ALONG THE WAY, Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D. addresses “Kaas” or anger and categorizes it into 3 stages. In the first stage he refers to “anger”, which comes to all of us naturally. The second phase he describes as “rage”, in which people act out in some way. The 3rd stage he refers to as “resentment” or the retention of anger. He addresses ways we can manage the last two stages. When we can work toward overcoming the last 2 stages, we can take accountability for ourselves and embrace love and compassion.

Dr. Michelle Robin shares her experiences and how she chooses love to move beyond the pain and take responsibility to find our best selves and to live with meaning and purpose. I invite you to listen to her words in Episode 61, of my podcast, FILLING YOUR SOUL.

Here’s to choosing love and and taking ownership to live with meaning and purpose,


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