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Checking In with Yourself to Live with Meaning and Purpose

Is there something missing in your life? Do you ever experience this as something subtle and too uncertain to identify at first— like a vague or fuzzy feeling that something is not quite right? Then are you somehow able to push that feeling back down and get on with your life—only to find that it may continue to speak to you from somewhere deep inside, leaving you with brief periods of uneasiness or discomfort? I have experienced this.

It takes energy to do everything, especially to hold in “stuff” we would rather not face. It also takes time, effort, and courage to look at what may be bothering us and view it in the true light of day, in order to become conscious of what the signs may be telling us—like a warning to heed what may benefit us in some way.

For those of us who have experienced feelings of confusion, frustration, emptiness, etc. and are unsure what to do, we owe it to ourselves to connect inward and get in touch with what comes up in words, feeling, etc. This means taking time to find a peaceful place away from the hustle and bustle of life, including our work, the internet, tv, radio, family, and friends, to have a soulful conversation with ourself.

Sometimes it can be tricky to recognize we feel a certain way, however, if we connect inward and speak with ourself and journal what surfaces, it can become apparent what we truly value and love to do. This realization can give us the impetus to move forward to nurture our inner child and experience true fulfillment of our potential and dreams. It can allow us to wake up in the morning and be grateful for the blessing of another day, being able to discover more fully who we really are and what gifts are waiting to be unwrapped and used wisely, like a treasure to be applied in service of our Creator, ourselves, loved ones, and humanity.

I was blessed with the privilege of interviewing David Brownstein, MD, integrative physician, author, and speaker. He is a role model to others, as he lives his life connected to what he loves to do and continues to make a difference to others through his work. He is grateful to have passed this lesson over to his children. Enjoy listening in to his wisdom in my newly released podcast, as he expresses, with clarity, the why and how of living with meaning and purpose.

If you'd like to leave a comment to me, please don't hesitate to respond to this email, leave a comment under the podcast episode, or start a discussion on my Facebook page.

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