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Change - Returning to the Real You

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Do some of you recall how you felt as a young child? Were you full of wonder and hope for the future? Did you have dreams to fulfill? You may have changed your direction about what you want out of life since then. Your values and what is meaningful to you may most likely have been revamped. That’s a good thing, as you may have learned a great deal through knowledge and life experiences.

Regardless of these changes, we can all get back to our natural state of hope and wonder. In addition, we can we get back to the pure state of our divine soul by making amends to others we have offended and by strengthen our connection to our Creator. We can state what we did wrong, feel remorse, ask for forgiveness, and plan to discontinue this behavior in the future. Finally, we can we find what we love to do and what has meaning and purpose now - so we can take the necessary actions to fulfill our purpose.

It’s up to all of us to discover our purpose for being here, and get back to our true selves like when we were young and adventurous. It’s time to allow for our self expression and creativity to help us build something that can make a difference to others and fulfill our potential and dreams.

Sometimes we may get caught in a rut and focus on what we lack, instead of where we want to be. Let’s work on a vision statement and take the inspired action to return and recover.

Sure it takes effort to learn skills. It also takes courage, determination, and persistence to get to where we want to be. It takes faith to rise above our worries and anxieties to reach a state of equanimity. We have so much within us to reveal and share with others.

I welcome you to listen in to Episode 62 of FILLING YOUR SOUL where I speak about seeking spiritual change and growth that can bring us back to our true selves. Then we can find our own path to fulfill our mission and make a contribution for the greater good.

Here’s to getting back to the real you,


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