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Welcome to my website...
Here's a chance to grow,
heal & find true meaning
& purpose in your life. 


I am Leah Ruby, a licensed psychotherapist, psychological astrologer, inner healing- transformational coach, author, and speaker. I facilitate inner healing and growth for those who suffer unnecessarily, and would like to connect to their inner essence— to fulfil their unique calling with meaning, purpose, and joy.

My approach is based on principals from the wisdom of the Kabbalah. The concepts I impart transcend the personality and can guide others seeking wholeness and transformation within themselves from a G-d consciousness perspective- to heal, grow and flourish with faith, meaning, purpose, love, and joy.

Are you searching within to find your dreams and work toward their fulfilment?  Would you like to spend each precious moment of your day with meaningful activities that are part of a plan that only you could design; because, hey...  it's your life and your calling to use your gifts, so that you can achieve your goals, blossom and shine. You have the potential to make this a reality. Take the plunge and enjoy the refreshing waters of adventure, challenge and joy!


Self knowledge and utilization of our vast potential is a huge step on a path to fulfill our needs, achieve our goals, and attain a life with purpose and joy. 


 My Inner Wisdom 

Trust yourself and G-d.
Carry over your gifts and talents-
so you can bond with the unfamiliar
and expand your comfort zone
with enthusiasm, courage
and tranquility.

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